Published: 31 October 2023

📅 Effective Date: 11th December 2023
⏰ Duration: Anticipated 5 Days
📍 Location: Bristol Road, Churchill, North Somerset
🔍 **Reference: Temporary Prohibition of Use by Vehicles Order 2023 - Ref: SW23.24-271**
North Somerset Council, in accordance with Section 14(1) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, wishes to inform you about an upcoming temporary road closure on Bristol Road, Churchill, North Somerset. This closure is vital for your safety during lead pipe replacement work by Bristol Water.
**Road Closure Details**:
- Bristol Road will be temporarily closed outside property Timberley.
- The anticipated duration of this closure is five days. Please note that the closure may not be in effect for the entire maximum period of eighteen months mentioned in the notice.
🛑 **Reason for Closure**:
This closure is necessary to mitigate potential dangers to the public during Bristol Water's lead pipe replacement work.
- Emergency services
- Works access
- Works vehicles
- Premises accessible only via the closed section of road with a works permit