Public Space Protection Orders

Published: 14 October 2023

Public Space Protection Orders

A decision was made at our Executive meeting of 06 September 2023 to renew all of the existing provisions in the Area Wide PSPOs. You can read the report on our website

This means that amongst other things, anybody in charge of a dog in any public place in North Somerset must continue to

• keep dog(s) under close control at all times (an authorised officer can require a person to place a dog on a lead if they deem it to be out of control).

• carry a poo bag

• pick up after a dog, bag it and bin it; and

• keep dogs out of all enclosed children’s play areas

In addition to the above the Executive agreed that from 16 October 2023 it will limit the number of dogs a person can walk at any one time to six dogs.

An Executive Member Decision is also due to be made regarding the renewal of our Area Specific Public Space Protection Orders