New defibrillator on the wall of Pro-Heating Langford

Published: 13 October 2022

Churchill and Langford Parish Council have provided a defibrillator to the wall of Pro-Heating Langford Road, Langford.
A big thank you to Shaun and Lindsay from Pro-Heating for all their support of the project.
Due to having only one defibrillator in the parish which is located at the village hall, councillors felt with an increased number of residents and overall growth of the village more than one defibrillator was vital for the safety of local residents.
Having public access a bystander can use a nearby means defibrillation shock administered within 3–5 min of collapse can produce survival rates as high as 50–70%.
Each minute of delay to defibrillation reduces the probability of survival by 10% so every minute is vital in ensuring that the patient is given every chance of leaving the hospital.
The defibrillators are fully automatic and are housed in a temperature-controlled, lit cabinet. The unit can be used by anyone, as it provides full audible instructions.