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Published: 24 August 2021

Churchill And Langford Residents Action Group



If you have already responded previously to these 2 applications you need to do so AGAIN to save our villages.

25 houses @ Dinghurst

Deadline 10th September


61 houses @ Butts Batch
(Will affect Langford & Churchill residents)

Deadline 29th August

We are really sorry to bother you when you are trying to catch a bit of relaxation but please could you possibly take just 5 minutes and not many more clicks to make your views known to North Somerset Council on these applications to save our villages?

  • Dinghurst 25 houses: 21/P/2123/OUT
    This is the controversial site just below the legendary 'Crown' pub in Skinners Lane, with access directly onto the A368. The previous application for 48 houses was ROBUSTLY turned down by North Somerset Council. We badly need to encouragement them to do so again.
    • Click HERE to go directly to our website page for more information + links to make your comments OR
    • Click HERE to go directly to NSC Planning Portal to make your comment - very easy.
      If you have commented before, it is vital that you do so again.

      Please do it now! DEADLINE 10 September
  • Butts Batch: 20/P/2990/OUT
    We ask you to comment on this application as 61 more houses will have a profound effect on Langford and Churchill. The site is in Wrington on the left as you go over Beam Bridge to enter Wrington's Conservation area. All vehicles generated by the new houses will have two choices: through Wrington (Station Road parking makes it effectively single lane traffic) or Half Yard leading to Blackmoor and the Langford Conservation area.
    Click HERE for more information on 'Keep Wrington as Wrington' website + links to NSC OR
    Click HERE to go directly to make your comment on NSC planning portal
  • If you have commented before, even though it is the same application, new information and reduced numbers from 71 to 61 houses means that it is vital that you do so again.
    DEADLINE Bank Holiday weekend 29th August

Basic reasons for commenting:

  • The infrastructure in our villages is stretched to the limits.
  • Lack of employment.
  • It is now too dangerous for many people to walk or cycle in our villages, yet there is a huge drive to encourage us to do so.
  • Where is the NSC Climate Change and Nature Emergency commitment?
  • Where is the infrastructure to support all these new houses? Schools, doctors surgery.
  • Even the drainage is under pressure! Where will the surface and foul drainage go?
  • The Green belt put in place approx 70 years ago to stop 'Urban Sprawl'. Now it is strangling Bristol and forcing Urban Sprawl to leapfrog over the green belt and destroy our thriving villages and the culture of village life.

This is just a short list, there are many more, but we realise that your time is precious.

Thank you for helping to save our villages and the culture of village life

Please forward this on to as many people as possible to ensure their views are known by NSC.