The services the Parish Council provides are: 


  • All the recreation fields and the two play areas - the younger children's play area and the skateboard park. Including planting flower bulbs and flower beds 
  • Bus shelters 
  • The clock tower (including winding the clock up) 
  • The oak tree enclosure 
  • The Burial Ground - We sets the fees for burial ground interments, headstones and cremation tablets annually 
  • Dog waste bins 
  • War memorial 
  • Phone Book box 
  • The Hands Sculpture at the Crossroads 
  • Noticeboards
The Parish of Churchill is within North Somerset and most of its services are provided by North Somerset Council. More information about these services can be obtained by visiting

North Somerset Council provides a full range of local government services including: council tax billing, libraries, social services, housing, processing planning applications, leisure centres and sport, highways including parking, education, waste collection and disposal, and it is a local education authority.