The Parish Plan

The Parish PlanContact:
Tony Moorby
Tel: 01934 852 567

The Parish Plan was first put forward to parishioners in 2005.
A steering group was formed and the long process began.

In the autumn of 2006 a questionnaire was delivered to every household and collected in December. The steering group then analysed the responses in the questionnaires. Now a Parish Plan and an Action Plan have been written using the information parishioners provided.

Click here to view a pdf of the final Parish Plan (December 2008).

Click here to view a pdf of the Action Plan (27.4.08).

The Parish Council is supporting the group in its work and already some of the suggestions made by parishioners, eg. more notice boards, are being funded by the Council. An Environmental Advisory Comittee (EAC) has been set up to implement items in the Action Plan related to the envirionment, including improvements to footpaths and cycle tracks. Anyone interested in these topics can contact Rick Hyde,