Parish Orderly

The Parish OrderlyContact:
Michelle Miles
Tel: 07799 642 676

Our Parish Orderly is Michelle Miles. She is employed by the Parish Council for 12 hours per week. North Somerset Council gives a small grant towards her salary and the Parish Council pays the remainder. Her line manager is the Parish Clerk.

She clears litter on a four weekly cycle. At times when there is more litter she clears it more often. The cycle runs as follows:

Week one
Dinghurst Road to Clock Tower, Front Street to end of Churchill Green, Hilliers Lane, Church Lane to Burial Ground Car Park, Burial Ground Car Park, Traffic Lights past bus shelter

Week two
Ladymead Lane taking in Memorial Hall Car Park area and both Play Areas, through Ladymead Lane into Jubilee Lane onto Stock Lane turning right on Stock Lane through to Stockmead then back up Pudding Pie Lane taking in Hillmead and Ladymead Crescent.

Week three
Broadoak Estate, New Road through to Churchill Rocks, Dolberrow.

Week four
Traffic lights down Bristol Road through to Langford Post Office.

Michelle also empties bins in lay-bys on Stock Lane and Dinghurst Road and in the Burial Ground. She keeps our footpaths clear (particularly behind the Stag and Hounds). She removes fly posting and she cleans and disinfects bus shelters.

She also empties the dog waste bin in the National Trust car park at the top of Dolberrow.