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By far the largest amount of the Parish Council’s income comes from North Somerset Council by way of your Council Tax. This is called the precept and is paid to the Council in two payments in April and September. The second largest amount comes from the ground rent from the building that was the former doctors surgery in Ladymead. Smaller amounts come from Burial Ground fees and Wayleave payments from Western Power Distribution.

Two committees Open Spaces & Allotments and Leisure decide what services and facilities they would like to provide and compiles a budget. These are given to the Finance and Personnel committee who complies the costings for administration, training, insurance and other budget headings. This committee then looks carefully at each submission and decides what their final costs will be. The total of these costs is what the Parish Council asks North Somerset for and is known as the precept.

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Approved and Certificated Annual Return 2017-18

Annual return to external audit (AGAR) for year 2018-19 

Annual return to External Audit for year 2017-18

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