The Parish Council has four committees and all Councillors are on at least one. Each committee has a budget that is agreed as part of the total council budget. For a list of committee meetings please see the Meetings, Minutes & Agendas page on this website or check the noticeboards in the Parish.

Terms of Reference for Committees click here 

CommitteesClls Members
This committee is responsible for the upkeep, improvements and sustainability of Churchill Community Clubhouse, the Cricket Club building, all the recreation fields and the two play areas - the younger children's play area and the skateboard park.
Bill Carruthers (Chair)

Jackie Bush,  
Simon Glanfield.
Rick Brafield                     

Open Spaces and Allotments
This committee is responsible for the upkeep, improvements and sustainability of hedges, fields, grass verges, bus shelters, the traffic light area, the clock tower, the oak tree enclosure, St John's church car park, the Burial Ground, dog and litter bins and signage. It also sets the fees for Burial Ground interments, headstones and cremation tablets annually. It is also responsible for the allotments fields.
Jackie Bush (Chair)
Rick Brafield                

Bill Wilkinson 

Robin Jeacocke
Finance and Personnel
The committee maintains the finances of the Council in the way approved by NALC. It also reviews the contracts, pay, hours and conditions of employees.
Jackie Bush, 
James Hoddell 
Dev Clutterbuck.(Chair)
Bill Carruthers

The committee will be progressing any matters allied to development in the Parish, and is delegated to respond to consultation documents. The committee also responds on behalf of the Council (a Statutory Consultee) and comments on all planning applications

Jan Murray

Robin Jeacocke
Jackie Bush
Dev Clutterbuck
James Hoddell (Chair)
Bill Caruthers