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Turnpike Close
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I felt it proper to close off the updates on the Affordable Housing with a mention of the cricket fence.

When English Rural Housing Association received planning permission to build the twelve affordable homes on the old playing field, the Parish Council expressed concerns about balls from the nearby cricket pitch damaging property, etc. It was agreed with ERHA that as part of the development a ten metres high by fifty metres long cricket fence would be provided along the side of the recreation field. After some discussions ERHA agreed to pay for both the planning application and the provision of the fence.
Cricket net
During September specialised contractors erected the cricket fence, supported by six poles, which can be raised and lowered, by a series of ropes and pulleys. As part of the planning permission the net can only be in situ from the start of May through to the end of September, which covers the cricket playing season.

The only remaining activity, now the development has been completed, is for our solicitor to complete the transfer of the extra land from North Somerset Council to Churchill Parish Council. This will increase the land owned by the Parish Council and provide additional open space within the parish. A suitable use for the land is currently being discussed by the Open Spaces committee.

Available soon
The complete story of how the Parish Council were able to support the development of much needed Affordable Housing in the Parish.