Quality Council                                 

We are proud to announce that Churchill Parish Council was awarded Quality Council status on 24 April 2007 and was re-accredited in 2011. The Quality Parish and Town Council Scheme was launched by the government in 2003 to provide a benchmark minimum standard for parish and town councils across the country. The scheme aims to enable parish councils to work more closely with others in the delivery of local services and to better represent their local communities.

Quality status brings real benefits, not only for the council, but also for the people who work with it and, more importantly, the community it serves.

The council submitted a portfolio of documentation including the agenda and minutes of Parish Council meetings, copies of all our policies, details of how we communicate with our residents and details of our accounting systems. Only about 13% of town and parish councils in the ‘old Avon’ area, to which we are affiliated, have gained this status.

The Quality Scheme has recently been re-launched under the new name of Local Council Award Scheme and now operates a three tier approach to the award.  The tiers are Foundation (under which we are currently awarded; we automatically were awarded this because the scheme was suspended during the period in which we still held full accreditation to the old scheme), Quality level and Quality Gold level.  The Parish Council are currently working towards Quality level .

Churchill Parish Council Action Plan 2015-16 click here

Certificate of employers liability insurance
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