Planning Information

Clerk - Ann Boote 
Telephone: 07399 523961


Planning applications for additions, alterations and changes of use to properties and land within the Parish have to be made to North Somerset Council.

The applications are near the beginning of the agenda of monthly Parish Council meetings. All Parish Councillors look at planning applications and hear more about the application from the Lead Councillor and a decision is made to recommend approval or recommend refusal of an application. The recommendations and any comments are sent by the Clerk to North Somerset Council Planning Officers who generally make the final decision. The Planning & Regulatory Committee at North Somerset Council can look at any planning applications that the District Councillor “calls in” to the Committee and the decision will then be made by the Committee, rather than an individual planning officer. The decision notices of all planning applications are sent to the Clerk.

Matters which are considered relevant to the development proposal may include the following, although this is by no means an exhaustive list:
  • Structure and Local Plans
  • Noise, disturbance and smells
  • Government guidance and legislation
  • Case law and previous decisions
  • Conservation (buildings, trees etc.)
  • Highway safety and traffic
  • Loss of privacy and effect on light.
A list of the planning applications to be discussed are attached to the agenda that is published on the Parish Council noticeboards by the Wednesday prior to the Parish Council meeting which is normally the second Monday in each month. Agendas are also published on the Meetings, Minutes & Agendas page of this website.

Status of current planning applications can be checked on the North Somerset website on this page.
If you are thinking of submitting a planning application visit The Planning Portal is the Government's online resource for information and guidance on planning and building regulations.

In order to help local people who want to carry out development following the grant of planning permission North Somerset have produced a simple advice note with the aim of helping people to save time and money. Click here to view a pdf.

A map of the Parish including the settlement boundary.  Click here to view. 

North Somerset Council interactive map is a very useful tool visit it at