Your Parish Council

A few words from the Chair


I have served as a Councillor for the Parish since 1997.
I was proud to be elected as Chair at the AGM in May.
I grew up here and went to the local schools. I am married with five children and have been a Foster Carer for 20 years. As well as serving on the Council I am also a governor of Churchill Primary School. Both of these positions require energy and motivation, but allow me to be an active part of this community.

Councillors keep the welfare of the Parish and the parishioners at the heart of all that they do. They also use the money that is raised from your Council Tax wisely for the benefit of the parishioners.

The Parish of Churchill consists of the villages of Churchill and Langford. There are 13 Parish Councillors, either elected on a four yearly basis or co-opted when a vacancy occurs.

A list of Councillors is on the Parish noticeboards and this website. They can be contacted at any reasonable time. If you wish to speak to any Councillor they are also available from 7.10-7.30pm before the Parish Council meetings. There is also a time in each meeting when parishioners can ask questions. The Parish Council meets once a month on the second Monday in the month in the Community Club. Details about meetings can be found on Parish noticeboards or on the Noticeboard page of this website.

The Parish Council employs a Parish Clerk, a Responsible Financial Officer and a Parish Orderly. These posts are part-time. There is no Parish office and the Clerk  works from home. Ann Boote, Parish Clerk, can be contacted at  

Councillor Jackie Bush