Site Allocations Plan (Consultation Draft) March 2016
Consultation Period Thursday March 10th 2016 –Thursday April 28th 2016

What is the purpose of the Site Allocations Plan?
The Site Allocations Plan brings forward detailed site allocations that complement the strategic context set out in the Core Strategy.

The principal task of the Site Allocations Plan is to identify the new residential allocations necessary to deliver the Core Strategy shortfall, taking into account the need to provide deliverable sites to ensure the Council can maintain a five year housing land supply. In addition the plan reviews existing and the identification of new allocations covering, for example, employment uses, as well as designations to safeguard or protect particular areas such as local green space or strategic gaps.

What stage is the document at?
The Site Allocation Plan is at the Consultation Draft stage . All responses received from this consultation will be taken into account when finalizing the plan and submitting it to the Secretary of State for examination. An earlier consultation draft was consulted on in February 2013 but work on this was delayed due to the uncertainty over the Core Strategy housing target. Because of the increase in the Core Strategy housing target it is felt necessary to consult further

Where can I view and make comments on the plan?
Hard copies of the Written Statement and proposed allocation plans can be viewed at the following locations:

  • Castlewood, Tickenham Road, Clevedon, BS21 6FW.
  • The Town Hall, Walliscote Grove Road, Weston-super-Mare, BS23 1UJ.

How can I talk to Planning Staff about the Site Allocations Plan ?
Planning officers will be available to discuss the content of the plan at the following locations and times :

Monday March 21st 4-7pm Weston Library

Tuesday March 22nd h 4-7pm Nailsea Library

Wednesday March 23rd 4.30 -7pm Churchill Primary School

Thursday March 24th 4-7pm Portishead Library

Tuesday March 29th 4-7pm Clevedon Library

Wednesday March 30th 4-7pm Congresbury School Rooms

Thursday March 31st 4-7pm Yatton Library

Monday April 4th 4-7 pm Winscombe Community Centre

The best and preferred way to comment on the plan is to make comments online by visiting :

You can also email comments to: or

Write to: Planning Policy and Research, Post Point 15, North Somerset Council, Town Hall, Weston-super-Mare, BS23 1UJ.

Developments currently in the planning process in Churchill 

Pudding Pie Lane 2nd application 15/P/2521/O  to view click here

The Parish Council voted unanimously to recommend NOT supporting 15/P/2521/O Outline application with all matters reserved except access for up to 35 dwellings with associated access, parking, hard/soft landscaping and open space, drainage and infrastructure.  The details of their comments made 11th January 2016 will be available shortly either on North Somerset Council website or with the minutes of the Parish Council meeting. 

Says Lane application 15/P/1313/O to view click here

Once again it is very disappointing that the decision by North Somerset P&R Committee members was taken to approve this application against the many objections of parish residents and the Parish Council.

Howick Drainage Report for Says Lane commissioned by the Parish Council click here

The Parish Council voted unanimously to strongly recommend NOT supporting 15/P/1313/O Outline application for 43 dwellings on land off Says Lane and the A38. The details of their comments maybe seen on North Somerset Council website or in the minutes of the July 6th Council meeting.

Pudding Pie Lane 1st application 15/P/1414/O to view click here

Disappointing decision on 141 houses in Pudding Pie Lane

Today 13th January 2016 the Pudding Pie Lane application for 141 dwellings was determined by the Planning & Regulatory Committee. The decision was to approve the outline application. The decision notice will be available shortly.
The January 2016 P&R Committee Reports and draft minutes which detail the conditions of approval are available click here

Howick Drainage Report for Pudding Pie Lane 1st application click here

Churchill Parish Council's response to Alder KIng Sustainability Statement click here

The Parish Council voted unanimously on Monday 10th August to strongly recommend NOT supporting the outline planning application 15/P/1414/O for the erection of 141 residential units and 1 community building with all matters reserved aside from access, highway improvements to Stock Lane and associated works.

Neighbourhood Planning

The Parish Council process of preparing a Neighbourhood Plan has had the designation of the area of the plan formally approved by North Somerset Council following the consultation period which ended 3rd August 2015.  The plan has been temporarily suspended to allow the current influx of speculative planning applications to be concentrated on. 

 If you are interested in helping with the plan when it becomes active again please contact Councillor Alan Lovell at Tel 01934 852249

Drivers Wanted
Churchill and Langford Minibus Society currently provides regular scheduled services (to supermarkets/shops, banks etc and transportation to the church lunches and the social club). They also organise social trips for people residing in the parishes of Burrington, Churchill, Sandford and Winscombe They need more volunteer drivers. Could you spare a few hours each month? If yes, then please contact Alan 01934 862 250 to discuss how you can help.

Neighbourhood Watch
Neighbourhood Watch is up and running in Churchill and Langford but they need more
co-ordinators and members. Click here for details.

Changes to the 121 and A2 bus services
Click here for more details.

Allotments available
If you would like to apply for a plot (125 sq metres) or a half plot please contact the Parish Clerk. Click here to view the Pudding Pie Lane Allotment page on this website.