Parish Councillors Information

Declarations of Interest
Councillors are required to make a declaration of interest about any disclosable pecuniary interest they have which could potentially interfere with council business.

Councillor contact details and details of their roles within the Council and as representatives to external organisations.

Mrs Jackie Bush (Chair of Council, Rep at Churchill Primary School & on the War Memorial Hall Committee )
Telephone: 01934 853215       Email:
J Bush Declaration of Interest

Mr Simon Glanfield
Telephone: 07957174058       Email:
S Glanfield Declaration of Interest

Mr Bill Carruthers - (Rep for the Minibus Society & North Somerset Council Liaison for Flooding)
Telephone: 01934 853066       Email:
B Carruthers Declaration of Interest

 Mrs Ruth Bruton
Telephone 01934 852796     Email:
R Bruton Declaration of Interest  

Mrs Georgie Collett

Telephone: 01934 852767       Email:
G Collett Declaration of Interests 

Mr Brenden Hill -  (Chair of Leisure Committee,. Rep for the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty).Telephone: 01934 853553       Email:

B Hill Declaration of Interest

Mr Dev Clutterbuck - (Chair of Finance & Personnel Committee).
Telephone: 01934 852219       Email:
D Clutterbuck Declaration of Interest

Mrs Sue List (Chair : Open Spaces & Allotments Committee)
Telephone: 0791 2670808       Email:
S List Declaration of Interest

Mr James Hoddell -
Telephone: 01934 853572      Email:
J Hoddell Declaration of Interest

Mrs Trudy Silverton
Telephone: 01934 852240       Email:
T Silverton Declaration of Interest 

Revd Tim Jessiman
Telephone 01934 863067        Email: 

Mrs Elizabeth Wells (District Councillor)

Telephone:  01278 287055      Email: