Parish Councillors Information

Declarations of Interest
Councillors are required to make a declaration of interest about any disclosable pecuniary interest they have which could potentially interfere with council business.

Councillor contact details and details of their roles within the Council and as representatives to external organisations.

Mrs Jackie Bush (Chair of Council, Rep at Churchill Primary School & on the War Memorial Hall Committee )
Telephone: 01934 853215       Email:
J Bush Declaration of Interest

Mr Simon Glanfield (Speedwatch Co-ordinator)
Telephone: 07957174058       Email:
S Glanfield Declaration of Interest

Mr Bill Carruthers - (Rep for ALCA,CALRAG & AONB)
Telephone: 01934 853066       Email:
B Carruthers Declaration of Interest

 Mr Robin Jeacocke - (Rep for PCAA, Climate Change & Avon Wildlife Trust)

Tel: 01934 852149    Email:

 R Jeacocke Declaration of Interest 

 Mr James Hoddell - (Rep of Strawberry Line, CALRAG & AONB)

Telephone: 01934 853572      Email:
J Hoddell Declaration of Interest

 Mr Rick Brafield
Telephone : 01934 853360                 Email:

R Brafield Declaration of Interest 

 Mr William Wilkinson    - (Rep for Minibus Society)       

Telephone 01934 853644     Email:

 Jan Murray - (Rep for PCAA & Avon Wildlife Trust) 

Telephone  01934 853518      Email:

J Murray Declaration of Interest  

Omaima (Mimi) Simpson

Telephone: 01934 853282  Email:

M Simpson Declarations of Interest 

Richard Baker

Telephone 07879 181168  Email:

R Baker Declaration of Interest 

Theo Michael

Telephone 07980 741096 THEO@TMADESIGN.CO.UK 

T Michael Declaration of Interest  

Harriet McBride

Telephone 0773 830 3895  Email:

 H McBride Declaration of Interest